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CCAS bookings

For flight experiences, excursions and scenics simply give us a call. We accept cash and most major credit cards.

For type-specific flight training (part 91 and LSA), endorsements or ratings we charge an hourly rate that includes the instructor, airplane and fuel and may be paid for at the time of the flight.

ON RISK: Like many activities, recreational flying is not without risk. It should be recognized that aviation activies may result in serious harm, including loss of life. All CCAS participants must sign an Assumption of Risk and Agreement to Participate form, before participating in any activity with CCAS.

WEATHER: For your safety and comfort, all of our pilots have the final say on whether or not a flight commences or proceeds based on weather conditions prevailing at the intended time of flight. We reserve the right to switch experiences if conditions mandate a change. Should a flight be interrupted or unable to commence due to prevailing weather conditions, CCAS will reschedule the flight at your convenience.

Finally, a few rules: Alcohol consumption is absolutely prohibited prior to and during trips, and-understandably-no smoking is permitted in or around CCAS aircraft.

We set our prices seasonally, depending on insurance, fuel and maintenance costs. CCAS reserves the right to change or update prices at anytime, without notice.

Questions, comments or concerns: We're here to help you have an optimal experience so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns--we're here to help you have the best flight possible.